Commercial Cleaning Services

AICBS is the easy choice for commercial cleaning. Many commercial businesses have facilities that need on-going, regular maintenance such as government buildings, schools, medical or dental offices, restaurants, fitness centers, retail businesses, and more. We recognize that each facility, each property and business, have unique and specific needs in how they are managed. Let AICBS help facilitate keeping your facility in top condition for your customers and employees.

Exceptional Commercial Cleaning Services Tailored for Diverse Facilities & Unique Needs

Hospital Facilities Cleaning

Life on the front lines of the pandemic is scary. Patients and workers in any size Hospital facility are dependent on the safety of their environments in order to get and/or provide necessary care. AICBS employees are thoroughly trained on bloodborne pathogens and cross contamination. We employ disinfecting and sanitizing regimens to the most potentially viral-infected areas—safely and effectively.

Government Buildings

We take the security needs of your facility seriously. AICBS employees are submitted to background checks before beginning any job. Once cleared, you can be confident in the integrity of our staff to perform cleaning services in your government facilities.

Office Buildings

All Inclusive provides careful and expert cleaning of your office building. We combine modern technology with tried-and-true cleaning standards to provide the best service around. Our flexible scheduling works around your timeframe. Our on-site cleaning and maintenance services will leave your facility looking like new.

Educational Buildings

The pandemic has changed the normal routines of our lives, including school systems. When kids return to their classrooms, having clean and sanitized rooms is a top priority. Leave the cleaning of your school to us, we’ll leave the education of our children to you.


In the hospitality industry, the cleanliness and presentation of your facilities directly impact the guest experience. AICBS understands the unique challenges and high standards of the hospitality sector. Whether it’s a hotel, resort, or event space, our team is equipped to handle the meticulous demands of maintaining a pristine environment.

Senior Living

Senior living communities require a special touch when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. AICBS is committed to creating a safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment for our elders. Our staff is trained to be sensitive to the needs of senior residents while providing thorough cleaning services that uphold the dignity and well-being of the community.

Restroom Deep Cleaning

Senior living communities require a special touch. AICBS ensures a safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment, with staff trained to meet the unique needs of senior residents while providing thorough cleaning services.

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